Ronaldo and Bale vs. Messi and Neymar – Discuss…

Stop it!

If Gareth Bale signs on the dotted line at Real Madrid then we could have the ultimate baller battle next season.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale taking on Lionel Messi and new Barca bargain Neymar. Football just got a bit more interesting in Spain and the world will be watching.

The power, pace and athleticism of Ronaldo on his own destroyed La Liga defences last term, so imagine as a defender or wide midfielder having to compete with two of the gits on the same pitch, well only if Bale follows suit, but don’t be surprised if he’s holding a diamond in his hand, same as Ronaldo’s encrusted ear rings. Both attackers are built like Olympians, always willing to relentlessly take on their defender and blitz past them, but worryingly it usually ends up being most of the team. So Bale and Ronaldo could be the most potent combination ever to grace a football field? There aren’t many wide midfield pairings or strike partners who have their acceleration and ability to score goals from all angles. Who knows what’s going to happen when they get a free-kick at the Bernabeu?!

Only problem, are they too similar? Watching the clip below they do look very alike, not forgetting one is left-footed and the other right, so this could be a horrendous nightmare for opposition defenders to deal with both of them heading towards their goal from both flanks. Bollocks are they too similar, they’re both incredibly gifted and should be able to flourish in the same side. Gareth Bale will feel like the little brother, they’re probably go out together to get the same haircut and Bale will get Ron’s hand-me-downs.

Scarily both superb in the air, on the deck or in behind, I think if Gary Neville and Dennis Irwin were still playing their calves would explode an hour into a game with Real Madrid, blood and guts everywhere.

Real Madrid will have a field day with advertisement, endorsements and shirts sales. Interestingly will thin Ronaldo be okay not being the fresh-faced favourite or will be cheesed off with the bright eyed and bushy tailed new kid on the block? Time will tell and this is only if Andre Villas-Boas sells his not so secret weapon this transfer window. Bale is from humble roots in Cardiff and maybe would prefer to stay where he feels comfortable but if Real Madrid come sniffing around with cash, sunshine and world domination, might be rather difficult to turn it down. Santiago Munez had no hesitation. Where do I sign?

As in every epic tale, there’s a rival and that comes in the small superhero package of Lionel Messi and his new side kick, Neymar.

Barcelona’s master Messi, probably the greatest player so far to play the game and his new Samba partner Neymar are different breed to the tall and leggy boys above. They have something that defences hate and that’s the low-centre of gravity and sensational speed of foot, they can move a ball so quickly they’re sometimes pretending to have the ball, probably why Barcelona are so good because oppo players are tackling air.

Their superior magical powers to keep the ball in their possession when twisting and turning past a defender, which quite frankly might as well be a traffic cone, is something only a select few are blessed with, defenders can’t lay a foot on the ball and those from the Ben Thatcher school of defender can’t even a lay cheeky stud (or elbow) on the wizards.

Neymar is a steal at £48.6 million (57m euros) and as he showed in the Confed Cup he really is Brazil’s new boy wonder. His goals were amazing and his natural ‘skillage’ is possibly better than Messi and Ronaldo, Bale doesn’t touch the surface in this capacity because he can just knock it pass his man and run round him. Barcelona is usually shrewd with their big money purchases and if they can get Neymar on the protein shakes then his raw ability will light up the Nou Camp. It will be a pleasure to watch Messi and Neymar collaborate with the rest of their mini maestros in Catalonia this campaign.

The Brazil whiz kid has already popped up with first goal in pre-season for the Spanish giants and this won’t be his last. Both Barca boys have super dribbling ability, awareness and an eye for goal. Arguably they do try to take the ball a bit closer to their opposition goalie before effortlessly scooping it over his head, whereas the potential Real Madrid boys, who go to the hairdressers rather than the barbers to get their barnets done, are more likely to blast home from distance.

El Classico could be that much better this season, imagine…

If he bails on Tottenham and AVB then this season could be the greatest so far, just saying. I think when your mates come round to play FIFA 14 in the near future, the most frequent game will be Barca against Real Madrid.

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